Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Poetry of Soup

I have to say that in this pic we have already
eaten rather a lot of it
Our last and largest pumpkin ripened in the conservatory, turning from a striped green to a deep orange in light and frost-free conditions.  Though it got so sharp outside(so minus 16)that in the end I did worry about the frost free bit. 
Every now and then I remembered to check the pumpkin was still solid.  Last weekend I carried it back into the kitchen, and distilled a huge pot of golden soup from last summer's store. 

Sorry if this sounds smug, but, you know, I am.  Think of all that weeding and forking compost.  My dues are paid.  The ends have justified the means. I claim this comfort in the black-ice dark of January. 

As Robert Crawford so rightly said:
'A soup so thick you could shake its hand
and stroll with it before dinner.'

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