Thursday, 26 April 2012

Winning Poems

While waiting for my tickets for StAnza I was beguiled (easily) into entering a poetry competition c/o University of St Andrews  in partnership with the StAnza Festival.
And I'm so pleased to report my poem was one of the winners!  There are some wonderful poems by the other winners Pippa Little, Janette Ayachi, Chris Lawrence and Ruth Aylett, which you can see here.
The brief was to write a short poem for display alongside certain artefacts.  Here's the cast of the skull of Bishop James Kennedy, and here's my poem.

He has become his own reliquary,
a mirror image of a prayer.
Put your ear to his shell,
hear it fill with his breath.

It's displayed on a card in the glass case in MUSA, the Museum of the University of St Andrews:

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